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Понедельник, 18.06.2018
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Hip-hop star Oxxxymiron uses rap for Russian culture debate
17.08.2017, 18:36
"A Russian hip-hop star who graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English literature has prompted a national debate about Russian culture after starring in an online rap “battle” that gained millions of views.

Miron Fyodorov, who performs under the name Oxxxymiron, is one of Russian popular music’s biggest names. He recently took part in a long-awaited verbal joust with another rapper, Gnoyny, whose name translates as “The Rotting One.”

The two exchanged colourful rhyming insults in an hour-long rap showdown that included references to George Orwell, the Soviet secret police chief Lavrenty Beria and academic works on comparative mythology.

At one point Gnoyny taunted Fyodorov, who splits his time between Russia and Britain, for missing recent anti-government protests in Moscow. “Where were you?” he asked. “In London!”

A YouTube video of the event gained almost three million views overnight after it was posted online on Sunday and has been watched more than 14 million times.

The obscenity-filled show was sponsored by one of Russia’s biggest banks, and the two rappers are reported to have earned tens of thousands of pounds in advertising fees.

Gennady Onischenko, an MP with Mr Putin’s ruling United Russia party, said that the rap battle’s popularity was an indication of the “moral poverty” in Russian society.

He also criticised media organisations for covering the event. But Alexei Navalny, the opposition leader, said that it proved “Russian culture is alive and thriving”.

Fyodorov, who is 32, moved to Slough with his family at the age of 15 after spending six years in Germany. His father is a theoretical physicist and his mother is a librarian. He graduated from Oxford in 2008, and later lived in the East End of London.

The tattooed Russian rap star has few fond memories of his time studying in Britain. “Oxford didn’t give me anything but a few depressing years and a useful ticked-box in my biography,” Fyodorov told Russian media."

Источник The Times
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